A Rainy Day in California

It’s a rainy day in California. I actually see water dripping off of leaves. It’s been awhile. Above you can see Annika pretending to be asleep, so she doesn’t have to go out for a walk in the wet. Unlike Annika, my garden is very happy to see the rain.

Above are some of those precious raindrops on my beautiful yellow rose, and again on the bright yellow hibiscus below.

We took down our Christmas decorations yesterday and although the house suddenly looks a little bare, it’s nice to be back to our usual routine. It always amazes me how I can get so excited when the decorations go up, and almost as excited when they come down and are put neatly away. The only left over from Christmas is our lovely Poinsettia seen below. You can see new growth on the crown already.

Later today I will be looking up after-Christmas care for this lovely plant. I’m sure I’ll be sharing that with you very soon.

4 thoughts on “A Rainy Day in California

  1. Really lovely photos, Jan.
    I still have the poinsettias on my front porch, colorful, but alas, artificial ones from Michael’s.

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