Two Slip Casting Projects


Mc-Bean-vaseThis is a ceramic vase that I made in my slip casting class. Our class project was to complete a ceramic piece that was fashioned after the Gladding McBean style.You can look at their web site if you are interested in learning about this 140 year old California company and seeing some of their ceramics.  Below is a photo of the vase in its green ware state, before it was glazed and fired in the kiln. In August I wrote a post called Adding Two More Birds to Our Flock. In that post I described the process of slip casting. I attend a slip casting class on Wednesdays and have been doing that for ten years.There is always something new to learn, and it’s such a good feeling when a finished piece turns out well.

greenware-vase Larger-vaseAbove is a closer look at the vase..

The little cherubs below are another example of greenware pre-glazing and pre-firing.

cherubsCherubs2Here are the finished cherubs glazed with a hint of blue and a shiny transparent glaze.

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