They Say it Never Rains in Southern California



Well, guess what?  It does, and it did, around three a.m. today. In fact, the rain was so heavy it woke us up. I’m not complaining, because we need desperately need rain. On September 13, I posted about a wild fire in Silverado Canyon, which was thankfully stopped before any loss of life or homes. California has been dry for so long. The weather man is promising us more rain later today, and that is good; right now we are having a little drying out time, which is also good since too much rain in too short a time can cause problems such as mud slides and flash floods. California is a beautiful place to live, but does have its own menu of natural disasters. At the moment, the balance between rain and sun is perfect, so I’ll sit back, enjoy the blue skies and beautiful clouds, and look forward to more much-needed rain.

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