Kayaking on the Lake Mission Viejo

man kayaking,Lake Mission Viejo
We live less than a mile from Lake Mission Viejo. I sometimes forget just how beautiful it is, until we have visitors and spend time at the lake. Above you see Martin kayaking earlier today. I took the photo below while our younger daughter and I were doing the same while  getting our exercise on Sunday.girl kayaking on Lake Mission Viejo
A fast paddle can get you from one end of the lake to the other. Below are a few of many egrets that live at the far side. You can get quite close to them if you stay quiet and gently coast toward them.
Egrets on Lake Mission Viejo
When I exercise I usually go to the gym, but after three days of kayaking on Lake Mission Viejo, I’ve decided to adopt it as my new form of exercise. Not only does this sport give you a full body workout, but it’s very relaxing, and the lake is so peaceful early in the day. I am definitely hooked.

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