How to Keep Your House Clean

Thursday is living room day

On September 22, I posted Never Leave a Room Untidy.  We’d just learned that the woman who cleaned our house every two weeks was retiring, and we had decided not to replace her. It has now been four weeks since her last visit and since then we have been using a house cleaning schedule that I created at that time. I’m very happy to say it’s working beautifully. If you look at Tidy House Schedule you’ll see what we have been doing each day. The routine is becoming a habit, and on days I clean a specific room more thoroughly it is very easy and I’m able to finish quickly. I also find I’m spending more time enjoying our home. I’ve added gardening to the list, and I’m spending more time in the yard, thoroughly enjoying myself. It actually gives me a chance to notice things and appreciate my surroundings.

I took the above photo today, as it was my day to focus on the living room. I think it looks beautiful. If you’re interested, please check the Tidy House Schedule. Perhaps it will be helpful to you. The schedule changes as I work on updating and improving it. I’m attending a retreat this weekend and feel good about leaving the house in good order. Not sure if the family will follow the schedule, but if not I will  jump back in when I return home. I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

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