Learning Guitar and Ukulele

Learning guitar and ukulele are our newest hobbies. Today we visited a local guitar store, but as you can see they sold more than guitars. Martin couldn’t resist trying the drums.

green-guitarThe color of the above guitar matches our son’s office. Take a look.

My-guitarThis is the guitar I received several years ago, from a generous neighbor who was giving it away. I began learning to play at that time, but hadn’t done much with it since then. Recently, we started attending a gathering where locals play their musical instruments and the rest of us listen and sing along. It is great fun, and made Martin and me want to continue learning a musical instrument. In my case, the guitar and in his the ukulele.

Below you see Martin’s ukulele on the left. The reason we initially went to the guitar store was to have the ukulele properly tuned. The ukulele on the right is Martin’s new one. Yup, he fell in love with it, but at first didn’t buy it. But after leaving the store, he went back and bought it. It really is pretty and has a wonderful sound. I can hear him practicing now.corrected-yuk-photo
I’m finished writing about our very musical day, so will post this and get back to my guitar practice.

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