A Fun Way to Exercise


Jan on Ball-001

This is a picture of me knitting and exercising at the same time. Annika is wondering what the heck I’m doing? Yesterday, while sitting on the couch knitting, I spotted the exercise ball in the corner getting very lonely. I thought I might try combining my love for knitting with a little exercise. I have to admitt to sometimes feeling guilty about time spent just sitting while I knit. I wasn’t sure if it would work, but decided to give my idea a try.

Sitting on the ball and keeping it balanced is a great workout for the core muscles. I read this in the user’s guide that came with the exercise ball. It is important to sit straight, and I tried to remember that. I also lifted and straightened my legs, one at a time. This is good for balance. I was careful not to lift my legs too high in case I  fell over, and landed on one of my knitting needles. Most of the time I simply bounced up and down gently, which is great for calves and thighs. Not sure if knitting burns many calories, but knitting while on the exercise ball must.

I am part of a group that knits and crochets for several charitable organizations, and this gives me a wonderful excuse to knit. One can give only so many hats and scarves to their friends and family. Now I will work some exercise into future time spent with my yarn and needles.

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