Echeveria shaviana ‘Truffles’

Echeveria shaviana ‘Truffles’ is the latest additon to my Echeveria collection.

It’s my first ruffled Echeveria. I’ve been reading in my garden books that it’s a forest species from the northern regions of Mexico, and grows underneath pines and oaks. It enjoys rainfall during spring and summer. Truffles does well in full sun and partial shade. The mountains of Mexico are cooler in winter with frequent fog, dew and occasional rains. The bluish-green leaves are striking to look at and it’s an easily cultivated species, propagated from both leaves and offsets. I also read that its flowers attract hummingbirds, which is an added benefit. It makes an interesting house plant in a bright and sunny window, but please note, that it does need good drainage if grown in a pot. I have a feeling that I will be looking for some different varieties of this lovely ruffled Echeveria.



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