My Echeveria ‘Colorata’

Echeveria 'Colorata'
Echeveria ‘Colarata’ is another beautiful succulent. This variety usually forms one large rosette up to 16 inches in diameter. They are easy to grow, but never allow water to sit on the rosette, and remove dead leaves from the bottom of the plant as it grows. Be careful not to overwater, especially during winter months. It is native to Mexico. This succulent has silver green leaves with deep pink tips. It prefers lots of light and the color is more vibrantĀ  when the plant is grown outdoors. It produces small pink flowers in midsummer through the fall.

My Echeveria ‘Colorata’ is a young plant and the rosette is only four inches in diameter right now, so it has quite a bit of growing to do. I’ll be sure to post an occasional photograph as it grows.

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