A Walk Under Blue Sky

This photo and the one below were taken at the Sir Speedy corporate headquarters that sits across the road from my doctor’s office. I’ve always admired its clean architectural lines, and after our recent rain the blue sky and green grass accentuated the building more than ever.

Today I  went for my yearly physical, and my doctor encouraged me to get in a 30-minute walk at least five days a week. This has been my goal since last year’s physical, but it rarely fit into my schedule.  I’d often noticed the paths on the Sir Speedy grounds, so today I decided to walk up those paths. I say up, because the building sits on a hill and the paths are rather steep in places. I circled the building and enjoyed the grass and flowers for almost half an hour, and the walk back to my car completed the 30 minutes. I couldn’t help but wonder if employees inside the building could see me and wondered who it was walking on their company grounds. I followed doctor’s orders to do my half-hour walk, and also satisfied my curiosity about the paths surrounding Sir Speedy. I wonder where my walk tomorrow will take me.100_3536

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