A Change in the Weather

There’s a change in the weather. I woke up to fog. A perfect morning for a hot cup of coffee.
After breakfast Annika and I headed to the nearby playing field for a walk. I recently purchased a Fitbit, which is one of several brands of personal exercise monitors. It counts my steps, and really encourages me to walk every day. My goal is 10,000steps. Haven’t gotten there yet, but will keep trying.
The sun was breaking through as we started our walk.
The grass is starting to green from recent rains. I remember last year when the grass was badly burned from heavy frosts. We’ve had such a warm winter that frost has not been a problem this year.
We climbed the stairs again, you can see them in yesterday’s post. A walk in the Park. Today Annika took time to look over the edge. She was still faster than I was.

I took a photo of the run-off channel, and remembered the old saying, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The water looked so sparkly as it flowed along.
Pretty isn’t it?

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