Vintage and Vintage Look Trailers

We returned home yesterday from Chula Vista RV resort. We had a great three and a half days in our 5th wheel trailer.
While there, we discovered that a vintage and vintage look trailer group was also spending the weekend. Above is one of the many wonderful trailers we were invited to see.

This 1957 Chevrolet was pulling a trailer made from the back half of another 57 Chevy,  that was redesigned, or should I say, re-purposed. Take a look at the kitchenette.

A beautiful orange truck, towed the trailer below.




This cozy tear drop was one of my favorites. It made me want to trade in our 29 foot 5th wheel for one. Maybe I could pull it behind my VW Bug.

The owner of this last trailer made it himself. On his web site, Bed and Breakfast Teardrop Trailers, he refers to them as tiny trailers. I thought this interesting because tiny houses are becoming more and more popular. Take a look at his website and you’ll see several more tiny trailers. We loved talking with owners and admiring their trailers. There were so many more, but I could only fit a few into my post. It really was a great ending to a fun weekend.

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