The Holiday Season is Over

Christmas-OrnamentsToday we took down our Christmas tree. It’s always a sad day for me. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve felt like I was losing a friend as the bare tree was carried to the curb. We spent most of today storing the decorations for next year. Now the house seems dark and bare. The days are getting a little longer, but it still gets dark early and I miss the bright lights of the holiday season. A few homes on our street are still lit and I love seeing them.

Christmas-tree I took this photo of the tree sitting on our patio. I thought maybe we could enjoy it a few more days, but tomorrow is collection day, so it’s headed for the curb.


Here is one last photo of our tree in all its colorful glory.
Goodbye little tree. You were beautiful and I’ll miss you and the joyful season.

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