Touring Kolob Canyons-Zion National Park

Cloudy-mountain-1Even though today was a rainy day, we went for a drive with good friends and toured Kolob Canyons, which is in the more isolated northwestern section of Zion National Park. This section is less crowded than the main canyon, but as you can see in the above photo, there are spectacular views there as well.

Mountain-and-cloud2I started photographing in color, but quickly changed back to monochrome. I really do like the look.

smith-miningLater, back in Virgin Utah, where we are staying, I photographed this replica of a mining company. I was fascinated and took the photo below of the water sluice that was part of the display.

watershootThis is my third day taking photographs in monochrome and I’m still enjoying it, which surprises me, because generally I love bright colors. Tomorrow we are going to tour Zion National Park, and because of the red rock and blue skies, I will probably switch over to color. I’ll make that decision tomorrow when we reach the park.




Monochrome Photography

black-and-white-down-the-roadI took this monochrome photo today, as we drove back to our camp ground. We are spending a few days in southern Utah, RVing in our 5th Wheel trailer. While studying my digital camera and the manual, I learned how to photograph in monochrome and  decided that today I would use this setting for all photos.

seeing-zionThe mountains in the far distance are part of Zion National Park. I get goose bumps just looking at this photo. Zion seems even more mystical in monochrome. These photos make me feel like I’m looking at photographs taken in the 1950s.

Ace-hardware-La-VercinWe made a stop at the local hardware shop, and if it wasn’t for the modern car, again I’d think I was looking at the 50’s

purse-and-Jeans-2This last photo is of my camera case resting on my lap. My jeans are dark blue and the case is chartreuse. It’s amazing how the monochrome setting works. I have a feeling I’ll  stay in this particular setting for at least another day, and then on to Sepia, I think.