Surfing in Austin, Texas

Our son Surfing in Austin
Surfing in Austin Texas? Our son was raised in Southern California and grew up surfing. He also authored the book,Surf Stories by Ryen Phillips. A fun read, especially if you enjoy surfing tales. For those of you that enjoy outdoor cooking, he has also written Let’s Talk Outdoor Cooking. It has some great recipes and I especially like his stews. It is available for Kindle at Amazon.
He and his wife moved to Austin, Texas several years ago. They wanted to stay near the water, so they bought a sailboat and beganĀ  sailing on beautiful Lake Travis. The photo below was taken from their boat. Continue reading

California or Texas?

Looking at these photos I have to ask myself is this California or Texas? I’ve lived in California most of my life, and think itĀ  is one of the most beautiful states, if not the most beautiful. This is a state of mountains, ocean, and desert. Our son and daughter-in-law moved to Austin Texas a few years ago, and recently purchased a sail boat which they sail on Lake Travis. I always thought of Texas as a state made of desert and prairie. When I traveled to Austin for the first time, I learned I was very wrong. The Austin area is quite hilly and green, with clear rivers and blue lakes.
Our son learned to sail here in California, and has now taken his love for this sport to Texas.
We are so happy that our daughter-in-law has learned to enjoy being on the water as well.
Our son enjoying the view as they return to the harbor.Texas-sunset
Can this really be Texas? This has certainly taught me not to assume anything about the other 49 states. I’m certainly looking forward to a future visit, and a day of sailing.