An Orange Hibiscus

orange hibiscus

This beautiful orange hibiscus grows in my next door neighbor’s back yard. It’s on the other side of our wall, so I get to enjoy it while I water my own plants. I had to hang over the wall to take this photo. Hope nobody saw me. It was pretty early this morning.

Yesterday I spent the day with my mom in Seal Beach. We had a delicious lunch of enchiladas, beans and rice. We both love Mexican food. I took the above photo while we walked on the Seal Beach pier. It was a wonderful day and as I look at my two photos, I know why I often feel like I live in a little bit of paradise.

A Day in Seal Beach

Last Thursday I went to Seal Beach to spend the day with my mom. We both love to read, so we visited the library which has a beautiful rose garden. I took the above photo of one of the lovely rose bushes.

This wonderful little statue was also on the library grounds. He almost looks real.

After a thorough look around the Friends of the Library second hand book store, I purchased two wonderful gardening books at a total cost of $1.50. What a bargain. Mom bought several mystery novels, also at bargain prices. It was a fun day for both of us.

Mom and Daughter Day

surf shot

Good afternoon! I planned to post this last evening, but was so tired from all of the fresh air and walking, it had to wait until today.

Early last week, my mom and I decided to make Monday a mom and daughter day, so I headed out early yesterday morning for Seal Beach, where Mom lives. It is about a forty minute drive from our house, if the freeway co-operates, and it did. The weather was gorgeous and a perfect day for a trip to the ocean. Above is the amazing view from the Seal Beach pier. You can see we were not the only ones enjoying the view.

Two pigeons

fan shop

Main Street, Seal Beach is delightfully lined with colorful little shops and restaurants. There are just so many interesting places to browse and shop. We were enticed by the constant aroma drifting from a cinnamon roll bakery, but didn’t give in to temptation. Today, I am thinking perhaps we should have.

One of my favorite stores, that is a must see, is the California Sea Shell Co. at 125 Main Street. It has every kind of shell you can imagine and many other wonderful items.

shell shop

Our last stop was to a small nursery, also on Main Street. Walking around the many plants and flowers, I was reminded of a recent trip to Carmel,California. I loved exploring while Mom made her choice and purchased a few flowering plants to take home to her garden.

It really was amazing to see all that was available on that wonderful little street that is the heart of Seal Beach.

nursery 2

It was a perfect day, and we promised each other we would do it again, soon.  Who knows, maybe the next time we will dip our toes in the Pacific.