A Day in Sacramento, the California State Capitol

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to fly with a good friend to Sacramento for the day. The flight took a little over an hour, and the views were awesome. We flew directly over Catalina Island, then hugged the coast until we headed inland toward the California state capitol. I took the above photo as we neared the airport and prepared to land. You can see how flat the land is, with the Sacramento river winding through farm lands.
After landing we caught an Uber cab to the California State Capitol Building,  in the city. We then spent several hours exploring the interior of capitol building.
The woodwork on this stair case is an example of the beauty found throughout the building.
Later we walked to Old Town Sacramento, only ten blocks from the Capitol Building. Horse drawn carriages seemed to be very popular.
The California State Railroad Museum is found in Old Town and here is a bright yellow caboose we saw outside.
We were in Sacramento for one day, but it was a wonderful day and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and were able to see many things.
We Landed back at John Wayne airport in Orange County as the sun was setting, and the lights were beautiful. It had been a great day, but it’s always good to be home.