Bring Your Garden Inside

red-roses-1This morning when I was outside watering my plants and enjoying the beautiful flowers, I asked myself why I don’t cut more flowers and bring them inside where we can enjoy them all day long. I’m always careful to deadhead my plants to encourage more blooms, but why not cut the flowers while they are still beautiful. This way we would have a garden both indoors and out. I took my own advice and above are some of the roses I brought inside today. These are now sitting in our living room on the glass coffee table looking beautiful. Below is a rose from a different bush. This one adorns our kitchen table. Both bouquets are a little past their peak, but the color is lovely and each gives off a wonderful fragrance. Both varieties add something special to the room where they are displayed.

rose-2This may be one of my better ideas. Tomorrow I’ll be outside in the garden looking for more flowers to bring inside. I’ve a feeling that I may be in need of more vases, even if they are empty mason, or spaghetti sauce jars, which make unique containers for displaying cut flowers.

Post Vacation Projects

prettiest roses

Today was a day spent catching up on projects left undone while we were on vacation. I found these beautiful roses blooming in the back yard, picked them and brought them inside to enjoy.

African violet

Next I repotted and separated several african violet plants. I love african violets and was wanting to do this project for quite some time. By the end of the day my plants were already looking much perkier.Annika bath

My last big challenge was to give Annika a bath. She always knows what I am planning and makes herself scarce when she sees me with the dog shampoo and towels. Once in the tub she is fairly co-operative. Here is a photo of her taken after she was  dried off and brushed. Not quite as perfect as the groomer would do, but she looks much cleaner than at the end of our camping trip. She is sleeping at my feet as I write this, so I think she has finally forgiven me.