Mystic Blue Salvia


In September I wrote about my mandevilla plant that had suffered terribly during an extreme heat wave that occured while we were away on vacation. I’d hoped to be able to return the previously beautiful plant to good health. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to save it, even after careful watering, and relocating it to a less sunny spot in the garden. The direct early morning sun was just too much for it. The plant had looked beautiful near our front door, but now the spot was vacant. I’d recently purchased a Mystic Blue Salvia to add to my hummingbird garden. It was doing well and growing nicely in a large container. I wondered how it would look by the front door in place of the mandevilla. As you can see in the photo above the Mystic Blue is doing very well in its new place and looks even prettier than the mandevilla. It is fuller and fills the area beautifully.
cropped-front-flower-2.jpgHere you see the mandevilla before our vacation. Both are lovely plants, but the salvia is a better choice for the spot. Most salvia prefer full sun, so will do better in our front garden, especially in the summer. I was very sorry to lose my beautiful pink mandevilla, but I’m very happy with the end result.

Surrounded With Bright Colors

bright-shoesLast evening we made a visit to Daiso Japan, or as we call it the $1.50 store. We always enjoy a trip there because everything in the store costs $1.50, or less. It’s amazing to walk along the brightly colored aisles. Here you can see the colorful wall of shoes
Colored-potsLoved these brightly colored ceramic cups and saucers.artificial-pink-flowerFound this beautiful pink hibiscus blossom.Couldn’t believe it was made of silk. It looked so real. It was part of the beautiful flower display you see below.
It really was a fun evening filled with bright colors and hundreds of items priced at $1.50 or under. What a deal!

An Early Morning Walk by San Diego Bay

Walk-along-the-bayMy early morning walk gave me this tranquil view of San Diego Bay. Later while looking at   photos I’d taken, the one above is just one of many, I found myself smiling. It was then I realized that Plum Bird Corner, should be filled with photos that make me feel happy, and hopefully you too. Photos full of bright cheerful colors, beautiful scenery, flowers and birds. African-violet-1Above is my newest African Violet. It’s a perfect example of bright and cheerful, don’t you think? I spotted it by the door, when entering Trader Joe’s to do some grocery shopping, and I just couldn’t resist

Sail-Boat-ChulaSpeaking of cheerful, how could I not include this photo of a sailboat, named Happy. It certainly brought a smile to my face when I saw it resting in the marina this morning.