A Photograph of Something Smooth

Today’s photography challenge was to take a photo of something smooth. This sent me to my jewellery box where I found this brooch, given to me by a patient at the dental office where I worked before retiring. I’m sorry to say I can’t remember his name, but I do remember his face very clearly. I also remember that he had the firmest handshake of anyone I’d ever met. I know he’d once been in the navy, because he’d shared a photo of himself, in his naval uniform with me and my co-workers. He was a much older man by that time, and was learning lapidary, the art of cutting, polishing, and engraving stones. I’m taking part in this photography challenge to improve my photo taking skills, but each day I find myself learning something new about the world around me, and being reminded of people and things I haven’t thought about in years. Tomorrow’s topic is A is for. I wonder what will tomorrow bring?


Photographs Taken in the Morning

Cloudy sky
I took this photo today during my early morning walk. There is a big storm brewing in Baja California, and we are seeing the effects, with higher than usual humidity and interesting cloud cover.

I’m always amazed at how empty the streets are early in the morning.
Where is everybody?

Once back home, I had a nice bowl of oatmeal, banana, and a few Brazil nuts. So good. Today’s photo challenge topic was morning. I think I covered it. Tomorrow the challenge is to photograph something smooth.

A Day For Pink Flowers

Before my Monday morning ceramics class, I took a short walk and saw this pretty pink hibiscus. After taking this photo I continued my walk and my eyes were drawn to another pink blossom. Much smaller than the first one, but equally pretty. See below.

After I took the second photo, I put my camera away, and went into class.

May 23 and 24 Photography Challenge

On day two of the photography challenge we were asked to take a photo of technology. It didn’t specify new or old. While walking our dog Annika, I spotted this old irrigation system. At one time, it was modern technology, but now very old, rusty and unused.
Today the topic for the challenge is something new. I took the photo below of new growth on an old tree. New dioesn’t always mean an article of clothing, or a car. In this case I chose to photograph new life.