Photography Field Trip to Dana Point Harbor

Last week my photography class took a field trip to Dana Point Harbor. The class was scheduled to meet at 12:00, but I arrived early so I could enjoy a little extra time. The instructor had suggested we wear jackets because it was forecasted to be in the 60s, but it turned out to be t-shirt weather, with a gentle breeze perfect for sailing.


Westwind Sailing has been part of the Harbor for many years and here you see a class out for a lesson. Their boats are easily spotted with their bright yellow sails.

Coincidentally, I’d been to Dana Point the night before, to meet friends for dinner and a walk around the harbor. I hadn’t been to Dana Point since the Christmas boat parade, and suddenly I was there two days in a row.

A few of my photography classmates looking for the perfect photo opportunity. Later, some of us enjoyed a cup of coffee with our instructor. It was a fun way to end a wonderful day.



Taking Time to Really Look


This semester I’m taking a class in beginning digital photography. One of the homework assignments was to photograph a sunset. The first two evenings, I got so busy, I forgot to go outside and look. On the 3rd day, I actually set an alarm to remind myself  to head out into the backyard with my camera, at the appropriate time. Looking over our back wall, I realized  that I had never really looked at a sunset. It was lovely and I got a few good shots, but not as colorful as I had hoped. The next evening my husband and I climbed a near by trail just before the sun went down and were rewarded with a beautiufl view of a breathtaking sunset. The class assignment had turned into a very enjoyable experience that included a lovely walk with Martin.

water ripples

The second assignment was to take an action shot. I chose the ocean water moving over rocks at Dana Point Harbor.  Again, something I had never really taken the time to observe closely.

When I registered for the class, my motive was to learn to take better photographs.  What I didn’t realize, was just how many beautiful subjects there are to photograph, when we slow down enough to look around and really see. I hope to improve my skills, but even if I don’t, I have learned a valuable life lesson. I find myself constantly looking for the perfect subject for my next photo, and this alone has taught me to appreciate the beauty that is all around us. Perhaps after reading this, you may find yourself taking a little more time to notice the beauty which I’m sure surrounds you too.