Ceramic African Violet Pot

My ceramic African Violet pot is finished and sporting a pretty African Violet. On March 9th, I showed an African Violet pot that I was making in my ceramics class. In the photo above you can see the finished project sporting my newest African Violet. Below is a photo of the same African Violet in its original green plastic pot. It’s the standard pot that  most African Violets are sold in.

This is an African Violet pot that I made last year. I painted it to look like a strawberry. I’ve started working on a third pot, in class and I’ll paint it next week, once I’ve  decided on the colors. My goal is to have a brightly colored pot for each one of my African Violets. It will keep me busy for quite awhile, but I love the look of the colorful flowers and cheery pots sitting on my kitchen windowsill.


The Completion of a Knitted Blanket

Finished blanketI belong to a lovely group of women called The Crafty Ladies. The group meets once a week, to knit and crochet items for those in need. I’m a knitter, but a slow one, which is why I’m so pleased to have finally finished my latest project. This blanket will go to Orange County Child Abuse. The Crafty Ladies, is a group of ladies who generously give their time and talent creating beautiful items which are donated to several different organizations. We meet on Wednesday mornings at the Norman Murray Community Center in Mission Viejo, and although we officially start at 9:30 a.m., many of the members are there by 9:00, because it’s always so lovely to sit, chat, and do our needlework. Below is a photo of the yarn I used in the above project. There is also a photo taken in the very early stages, and you may notice that I used circular needles when knitting this blanket.



With the completion of this blanket, it’s now time to choose colors for my next project. For me this is one of the most exciting parts. Once I’ve made that decision, I’ll be sure to show you the beginnings of the next blanket.Please stay tuned.