Pink Miniature Rose

Pink minature rose
My pink miniature rose is blooming. I love miniature roses. They give off a lot of color in a small area. In my last post I showed you my orange miniature rose. See it here. It was beautiful and I thought it was my favorite. Now that the pink rose is blooming I’m not sure which I like the best. Just wait until my red miniature rose blossoms. Then I may really have a problem deciding. Maybe they are all my favorite.

Miniature Roses

Miniature roses are very popular for both indoors and out. They prefer direct sunlight outdoors and bright light indoors. Their height can be anywhere from 6 to 36 inches. Most bloom continuously throughout the growing season and give you a lot of color in a small space, and are perfect for a small yard or balcony. I gave the above plant to my husband for Valentine’s Day this year, and it’s doing really well. I like to plant our miniature roses outside in the garden. They grow best in zones 4-11 and our growing zone here in this part of Southern California is zone 10. You can see from the photo above, that this newest addition seems to be very happy in its new home. I’m looking forward to lots of beautiful flowers once it’s fully established.

Our Color Filled World

Composition notebooks are my book of choice when writing morning pages. I write three pages every morning and it really helps me to prepare for the day ahead. Today I realized I was on the last pages of my last notebook, so it was time to restock. I’d been planning to go for a ride today on my can-am Spyder, and it looked like my destination was Walmart.  I found lots of colorful composition books and bought one in every color.Ribbons
From the office supply section I went to to the craft section. I loved looking at the colorful ribbons.stickies-2

While in office supply I also found the above. Remember when these only came in yellow? I had so much fun today just taking in all the colors scattered throughout the store. It was a really good reminder that one doesn’t have to spend a lot to have a really good time in our color filled world.