Amaryllis Update

On November 13th, in my post, Time to Plant Amaryllis Bulbs, I wrote about the Amaryllis being a beautiful holiday plant. It grows very quickly, and is amazing to watch. I said I’d post updates on how ours was doing. Here you see the two buds quickly growing. Below you can see how much the plant has grown in a very short time. Please take a look at the original post to see how it all began.

There is still time to plant amaryllis bulbs, so hurry and find some at your local garden nursery, and you will have beautiful flowers in time for the holidays.

Time to Plant Amaryllis Bulbs

This is the time of year Amaryllis bulbs go on sale. Bulbs planted now will bloom for the holiday season. I chose a bright red variety, but they also come in pink, white, salmon, near-orange, and various patterns and stripes.One bulb can produce one or several flowers. The blossom is usually 8 to 9 inches across, on stout 2-foot stems.The above picture is from the box for the amaryllis kit I bought two weeks ago. The kit included the amaryllis bulb which you see in this next photo, planting medium and a plastic pot.amaryllis-bulbIt is difficult to believe that something so beautiful can come from something so strange looking. It is rather like the story of the ugly duckling.
The bulb planted in its plastic pot. The Amaryllis bulb will bloom in just a few weeks. It’s a very fast grower, and is a wonderful way to encourage children to take part in gardening. I planted this Amaryllis bulb on November 1st. In the photo below you can see how much it has grown in eleven days.ameritus-growing
First thing every morning I look to see how much it has grown overnight. I’ll give you updates as our amaryllis progresses. I’m tempted to start another one, but I’lll practice being patient and enjoy the one we have. Stay tuned for future photos. I wonder how many blossoms this plant will produce. It will be exciting to see. I can hardly wait.

Our Christmas Trolley


I love our little Christmas trolley. We bought it several years ago when people were collecting everything, Beanny Babies and Happy Meal toys were the rage. We were sure that eventually this stuff, would be worth a fortune. The reason I remember this, is because when we first spotted the trolley in a local hobby shop, the sales man tried to talk me into buying the 1997 model because it had been the first in the Lionell Trolley collection and would eventually be worth more as a collector’s item. I turned it down and chose the little red and greenĀ  1998 model instead. The other was cream color and just didn’t haveĀ  that Christmas feeling.

trolley-leaving2 Every year when the trolley comes out of storage, and begins its trip around the tree, stopping at the miniature village, I’m reminded of when I was a little girl looking into the back of the family radio. I studied the amber tubes, certain there were tiny people inside running the radio. When I look at the little village under the Christmas tree,I’m sure those same little people are living in the village. Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but it doesn’t come without its stresses, mainly because we think it should be perfect. We must remember that nothing is perfect, but we can be happy without perfection. When I watch the trolley make its stop at the delightful village, I imagine I’m aboard, and am instantly relaxed and in the holiday spirit. Below you see the trolley leaving the village, and yes that is me looking out the back window.