Purple Lantana in a Very Special Container

We had the same neighbors for 40 years. When they recently moved to New York, they asked if I would like this ceramic plant pot for my garden. Our children all grew up together and this container was made by their oldest daughter in her high school ceramics class. It meant something to my neighbor, but was one of those things that had to be left behind, as often happens when people move. The plant pot was empty when I received it, and I  thought that my new purple lantana would go well in it. I really like the purple contrasted with the black and white.
After seeing my recent post, Lantana in a Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden,  my old neighbor asked  me to peek over the fence and see if the lantana was still growing in their  yard. I did peek, and was happy to tell her it was. I hope she sees this post and knows I’m taking good care of this special gift.


Ceramic African Violet Pot

My ceramic African Violet pot is finished and sporting a pretty African Violet. On March 9th, I showed an African Violet pot that I was making in my ceramics class. In the photo above you can see the finished project sporting my newest African Violet. Below is a photo of the same African Violet in its original green plastic pot. It’s the standard pot that  most African Violets are sold in.

This is an African Violet pot that I made last year. I painted it to look like a strawberry. I’ve started working on a third pot, in class and I’ll paint it next week, once I’ve  decided on the colors. My goal is to have a brightly colored pot for each one of my African Violets. It will keep me busy for quite awhile, but I love the look of the colorful flowers and cheery pots sitting on my kitchen windowsill.


A Trip to the Local Garden Nursery


It’s Thursday which means it’s Artist Date Day. In my last post I showed the African Violet Pot I’m making in my slip casting class, and even though it will be a couple of weeks before I finish the project, I thought it would be fun to select a new plant. A visit to the local nursery would also be the perfect place for this week’s Artist date,  because it’s certainly colorful and has a creative atmosphere. Both are requisites for an Artist Date.

I love the green house at the nursery where they keep the African violets and orchids. Here are only three of the many gorgeous plants I saw while browsing.
It’s a good thing that I traveled by motorcycle and not car today, or else I would have come home with more than just the one African Violet.
After this lovely white orchid I’ll leave you with a splash of color.
It really was the perfect place to go for this week’s Artist Date.

Ceramic African Violet Pot

I started making ceramic African Violet Pots for all of my African Violets. This is a pot I poured in slip casting a couple of weeks ago. It has been fired in the kiln and is now ready for glazing and a second firing.
I painted the top of the upper portion a bright yellow.
I like blue and yellow together and thought it would be a cheerful combination. After the violet pot goes through the second firing the colors will be more vibrant. I’ll finish it with a shiny glaze and a beautiful plant. I’m really looking forward to seeing the end result.

Ceramics Red Project

gravy-boat-1Here is the ceramic gravy boat I made for the Red Project in my slip casting class.

I took this photo of the gravy boat in its green ware state, before the first firing. Below you see the process of painting the bisqued piece after the first firing.


The finished gravy boat from a slightly different angle.
finished-gravy-boat-2Turtle-with-a-bowMy ceramic turtle ready for Christmas. She was also part of the Red Project. Notice her lips and toe nails.I smile every time I see her, and hope she brings a smile to your face too. If you would like to learn more about ceramics and slip casting, please refer to my past post,Two Slip Casting Projects.