A Trip to the Local Garden Nursery


It’s Thursday which means it’s Artist Date Day. In my last post I showed the African Violet Pot I’m making in my slip casting class, and even though it will be a couple of weeks before I finish the project, I thought it would be fun to select a new plant. A visit to the local nursery would also be the perfect place for this week’s Artist date,  because it’s certainly colorful and has a creative atmosphere. Both are requisites for an Artist Date.

I love the green house at the nursery where they keep the African violets and orchids. Here are only three of the many gorgeous plants I saw while browsing.
It’s a good thing that I traveled by motorcycle and not car today, or else I would have come home with more than just the one African Violet.
After this lovely white orchid I’ll leave you with a splash of color.
It really was the perfect place to go for this week’s Artist Date.

An Artist Date to the Bird Store



Today I met this friendly young macaw at Omar’s Exotic Birds,  this week’s Artist Date. Omar’s is so colorful and I love seeing their birds. Our cockatiels came from Omar’s and we’ve been customers for over twenty years, so they know us well. I asked permission from the store manager before I took any photos. This lovely macaw was very friendly and not at all disturbed by my camera. In fact I had to be careful because he was a little too curious and kept reaching for the lens.

I saw this bright little Senegal Parrot, while looking around the store, and it tugged at my heart. We lost our Senegal a little over a year ago and I still miss her.
Before I left,  I went back to see the friendly macaw, and found him eating his lunch.
I spent a few minutes looking at the wall covered with bird toys, but I resisted buying any and headed home.