A Succulent About to Flower

This succulent is going to flower and I’m so excited. Mom gave me a a gift of a cactus garden in a cream and sugar set several months ago. You can see it below. There are several small succulents in the sugar bowl and a cactus in the creamer.
I was out early this morning, watering the garden before it got too hot, when I noticed one of the succulents was going to flower. We are still in drought conditions in California, and watching our water consumption. I prefer to use a watering canĀ  so I don’t waste water and this also gives me a chance to observe every one of my plants individually. Succulents and cacti don’t flower as often as most plants, but when they do it can be very beautiful and even more special. That’s why when I saw the blossom forming on my plant, I was so excited. Because of the drought, we are learning to use plants that need less water and help us to conserve. Just seeing the beauty of this still unopened blossom makes me want to plant more succulents and cacti. I’m really looking forward to seeing the flower fully open and will probably post a photo. I bet it will be beautiful.

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