A Day Trip to Sacramento, California

Governor's Mansion, Sacramento California
Wednesday I had the opportunity to fly with a good friend, to Sacramento for the day. Our trip started at the Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park. We were unable to tour the mansion, which was built in 1877, and has now returned to being the official residence for the state governor. It is also used for public and state ceremonies and events. Ronald Reagan was the last governor to live there, although he lived there for only four months. The mansion resumed its role as an official residence in 2015, when Governor Jerry Brown moved into the property with his wife.

Mounted Police Capitol Building Sacramento
Next we walked to the California State Capitol Building where we saw two mounted police and I quickly took the above photo as they were riding away.
Antique wall lamp in Sacramento Capital Building
I took the above photo of an antique wall lamp inside of the Capitol Building. If you’d like to see more of the building, please take a look at my¬† previous post from a trip I took to Sacramento last November.

Antique piano in
Last of all we visited Old Sacramento where I took this photo in the Old School House Museum. We had a wonderful day exploring Sacramento. It’s amazing how much you can see and learn on a short visit. The day trip was well worth it.

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