The Photo of the Day is Purple

The photo of the day is Purple. At the beginning of May, I started a photo of the day challenge. I found the challenge on Pinterest and pinned it to my Photography Lessons Board.

Peace was the topic on May 1st, and a sleeping Annika  was my model.

May 2nd was a skyline and I created one using different sized containers then turned it into an abstract photograph.

I missed May 3rd and 4th, but returned to the challenge on the 5th. I was to take a photo of a gift, and the 5th happened to be my birthday, so I photographed one of my gifts.
That brings us to today, May 6th and as you see at the beginning of my post, today’s challenge was to photograph something purple. I know the topic for tomorrow, and right now I’m wondering how I will meet that challenge.

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