Photography Homework

Photography homework is part of My Summer class which just started. Above is a floral collage that was one of our assignments in Digital Photography. I made it using Google Photos. It’s a wonderful photo editing and organizing program that we learned about in class.
I made this second collage using photos from a previous post. Vintage and Vintage Look Trailers.I downloaded my photos onto Google Photos, and then simply chose the photos I wanted to create this particular collage. One of the wonderful things about taking classes is that I’m constantly learning about my favorite interests. Until two weeks ago, I’d never heard of Google Photos, and suddenly a whole new world of photo editing has opened up to me. Next week the class is headed to San Diego for a field trip. I’m certainly looking forward to some outstanding photo opportunities. In December 2014 We took a field trip to Los Angeles City Hall. I’d never been to the City Hall, and it was a wonderful trip. Please take a look at some of the photos I took on that trip. Hope you enjoy.

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