Something That Makes Me Happy

Today’s photo challenge is, Something That Makes Me Happy. There are many people,¬† and things in my life that make me happy. I don’t think of Annika as a thing, but then she isn’t a person, although she thinks she is. I took this photo yesterday when she returned from a visit to the groomer. She looks so pretty in her blue scarf. Annika usually comes home tired from her morning of pampering, and you can see that her eyes are a little droopy. She was definitely ready for an afternoon nap. Annika is eight and we adopted her from Bichon Fur Kids Rescue, seven¬† ago. Funny because she is shitzu and wire fox terrier, not Bichon. She is a loving little girl, and very very smart. Too smart sometimes. If the front door is left open, she dashes out looking for the nearest lizard or crow to chase. She definitely has the hunter gene and we have to keep an eye on her.

She loves to run and play with her stuffed duck.
Below you see her relaxing on the arm of the couch. It’s one of her favorite spots, especially when the sun is shining on her. From this position she can see out the living room window and announce visitors.
Just looking at that sweet face, you can see why our little Annika is one of the things in my life that makes me happy. By the way, as I type this she is asleep in her little bed next to my chair. She certainly knows how to put a smile on my face.

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