Our Thanksgiving Cacti are Blooming

The Thanksgiving Cacti are blooming. Last October I purchased several Thanksgiving Cacti and each was labeled Holiday Cactus. When I got home I started researching to find out if I’d purchased Christmas or Thanksgiving Cacti.  They are Thanksgiving Cacti and if you would like to see how to tell the difference you can read about it here. In that post I mention how both Christmas and Thanksgiving varieties flower twice a year. Once between October and February and the second time between March and May. As you can see in the photos above and below, my plants are flowering right on schedule.

I have two more plants ready to flower, one is white and the other a pale pink. I’ll post their photos in a few days once the flowers have fully opened. In my previous post I mentioned my Christmas Cactus that is also beginning to bud, but is a little behind the Thanksgiving Cacti. I will share a photo of that as well when it flowers.

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