My Echeveria ‘Fabiola’ is blooming

My Echeveria ‘Fabiola’ is blooming. This succulent is native to Mexico and needs at least three hours of sun every day. They do well indoors in a sunny window.  Like most succulents and cacti it does best in a fast draining plant mix and should never be left sitting in water. They need more water in spring and summer, but you should let the soil surface dry between waterings in winter. Feed with a weak water soluble plant fertilizer several times during the spring and summer growing season. You can see in the photo above that its flowers are orange-red and in the photo below you see that the rosette leaves are tipped with red.

On February 5th of this year I posted about my Echeveria ‘Lola’ blooming. You can see it here. You see when comparing the photos, that the Echeveria ‘Lola’ has a slightly less vibrant color than the Echeveria ‘Fabiola’, but both are delicately beautiful. The leaves of the ‘Lola are paler than those of the ‘Fabiola’. There are many varieties of Echeveria. Apparently 385 with scientific names. That would be a huge collection and my husband would probably disown me if I gathered that many in our rather small backyard. They are fascinating and it’s difficult for me not to search the local nurseries and add more to the plants I already have.

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