Motor Scooter Ride to Laguna Niguel


Yesterday the weather was perfect for a motor scooter ride, and that’s what we did. Martin rode his Kymco Downtown 300, and I was on the Piaggio three-wheeler.


Here you can see our sturdy mounts as we took a break for a quick snack and drink of water in Laguna Niguel. It was a ride full of curves, especially as we traveled through rustic Santiago Canyon, and then steep climbs in beautiful Laguna Niguel, where we were always rewarded with spectacular views at the top.

Martin in Laguna Niquel November 29-14 10-29-2014 2-51-26 PM

We stopped to put gas in my scooter, and at 70 miles to the gallon we don’t do that very often. The total cost was only $7.84, one reason why motor scooters are becoming ever more popular. We rode a little over 50 miles, and I felt as if I could ride forever. When we finished I was already looking forward to our next scooter adventure. These are the two ways I judge if a scooter outing has been a success. This one definitely earned two thumbs up!

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  1. I think the red scooter is a new one for Martin. I don’t remember it from other reports. Martin looks cool in his jacket.

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