Maine Snow Scene

Beautiful Snow Scene

It’s snowing in Maine. Our daughter Ruth lives there, and yesterday she sent me the above photo. She’s been encouraging me to come visit, and had promised they were not going to have snow this year. Guess that isn’t so!  I usually travel to Maine in summer, but maybe this winter I’ll get brave and try a snow visit. I lived in Ontario, Canada until I was fourteen, and the first snow was always exciting, but now, having lived most of my life in California, I’m out of practice. We do get snow here, but only at higher elevations.Farm house

Ruth’s farm house in Maine (above) is beautiful and cozy. Lots of trees and open space.

HorsesLiving where they do allows Ruth and our son-in-law and grandson the joy of keeping horses. Ruth and I share a love for horses, and we love to ride when I visit.

In August I wrote about our younger daughter Nicole, who lives in New Zealand, in my post New Zealand, a Wonderful Place to Visit. I wrote that we have wonderful places to travel and visit our children. Now you know where two of our three children live, and in a future post I’ll share the wonderful city where our son and daughter-in-law live. If we schedule visits to our three children right, we can live an endless summer. As we head into winter here, New Zealand is starting spring, its seasons being opposite to ours. But for now, I’ll think hard about a winter visit to Maine: It would mean snow boots and winter coat, but Ruth’s farm sure does look beautiful in winter.

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  1. I love the picture of the house before we remodeled. I sometimes wish it looked the same. Not practical I know, but so cute.

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