Photography Field Trip to Los Angeles

The weather was beautiful yesterday and perfect for our photography class field trip to Los Angeles. We caught the MetroLink commuter train at Irvine station and from there traveled to Union Station. There we caught the red line subway to City Hall. I learned that for a five dollar MetroLink ticket a person can travel to and all over Los Angeles by bus and subway. An amazing deal! Once inside city hall we were given a guided tour by one of the knowledgeable docents.P1010287City Hall’s interior is amazing. Built in the 1920s, it was designed in the Art Deco style. Here you can see the beautiful Christmas tree in the central lobby and some of the architecture. The marble floors and ceilings, and just about everywhere else you looked, there was something to photograph. Since the late ’50s I’ve seen the outside of this building, but never stepped inside until yesterday. Now that I know just how easy it is to get there by public transportation, I plan to go back soon and take my husband with me. P1010346

Our next stop was the historic Bradley Building in downtown Los Angeles, another gorgeous building from the 1920s. I was amazed at the amount of brass used in staircases and other fixtures. Above  is one of two ornately decorated elevators.

The next part of our trip took us to the Grammy Museum, which I strongly recommend if you are a music lover. If you go to their web site you will see some of the many outstanding exhibits.100_3731

Last but not least, we went to L.A. Live next to the Staples Center. There we were treated to live music and holiday lights. It was spectacular. There was also an ice rink for those who wanted to give skating a try.

We returned to Orange County by tour bus, and as we traveled home listening  to Christmas carols we also enjoyed seeing brightly decorated houses along the way. It was a wonderful day filled with new adventures. We’ve often seen the Los Angeles skyline from a distance as we’ve traveled north on the freeway, but yesterday I was in the very heart of this amazing city. My photography instructor encourages us to seek out new experiences, and that is certainly what we did!

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