How a Hummingbird Changed My Plans

P1020143My plan for the morning was to spend time reading the manual that came with my new camera. I wanted to study the chapter on short focal length photography, because I use a lot of close up photos in my blog, and still have a lot to learn. When I finished my reading, I took a few practice photos in the house, and then planned to go outside and practice some more of what I’d just learned. How quickly plans can change!

On January 20 I posted, How to Make Hummingbird Food, and this morning, through our kitchen window, we spotted one of our little flock sitting on a nest. Suddenly, instead of taking close ups, I was taking long focal shots, so I wouldn’t disturb the little mother. I turned out the kitchen light and watched her as she flew back and forth between the feeder and her nest.

P1020123-1Here you can see her, head down in the nest feeding her babies. I felt a little guilty spying on her, but she was so amazing to watch.

P1020127-1Here she is a little later taking a nap after all of her hard work. I was very careful not to get too close, and I’m happy she chose a quiet side of the house, where she can be safe and protected, hidden away in the leaves of the Night Blooming Jasmine. My job is to keep the hummingbird feeder full, while my husband Martin, keeps the water fountains filled with fresh, clean water. Being able to observe this little hummingbird is a very special reward for our efforts.






4 thoughts on “How a Hummingbird Changed My Plans

  1. How wonderful!! It’s funny, I’ve never thought before about a hummingbird having a nest… what a special gift to be able to see one!!

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