I Want a Day in the Garden

A day in my garden is what I wanted and that was the title of today’s photo challenge¬†¬† I Want, and what I really wanted was a day in the garden. This is what the sky looked like first thing this morning. I was sure we were in for a downpour, and a day spent inside.more-clouds

Not long afterwards the sky turned blue with patches of clouds, and not one drop of rain.
The weather remained perfect and I was able to have my day in the garden. The milkweed is doing well, and waiting for this year’s Monarch butterflies to arrive.

Martin was able to complete our trellis project.
I pruned and fertilized all of our plants and shrubs.
Late in the afternoon the storm clouds returned, but I’d received what I wanted, A day in the garden. A very nice one, indeed.

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