From New Zealand to Napa California


Last April I spent three weeks with our daughter who lives in New Zealand. While there I purchased this stove top espresso maker. I wrote about it in the posts titled Coffee in New Zealand, and Love my Stove Top Espresso Maker. One of the things I love about it,  is its portability. Above you see a photo I took while preparing a cup of espresso on the stove in our 5th wheel trailer, during a recent trip to Napa California.


Delicious espresso ready to enjoy. Another plus with the stove top espresso maker, is how quickly you can prepare a single cup of coffee, which I often do in the late afternoon. Our daughter recommended that I buy the stainless steel version rather than the aluminum variety which I did, even though it was a little more expensive. Being coffee lovers we also have a Keurig ¬†coffee maker which uses pods, and we use it most days, but for size, flavor, and convenience, you just can’t beat a stove top espresso maker for a robust cup of coffee.

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