Enjoying White Blossoms

Shasta-DaisiesWhen we woke to heavy rain this morning, I jumped out of bed and looked out the sliding glass door, into our back yard. The first thing I noticed was the patch of Shasta Daisies. They were luminous. The rain had highlighted the beautiful white petals. I’ve always loved brightly colored flowers, especially oranges and yellows, as seen in the  pots of marigolds dispersed throughout our yard, both front and back, but as I admired the daisies, I realized that recently I’ve shown a liking for white blossoms.

White-OrchidHere is the white orchid that sits next to our kitchen window. I just love it. So crisp and clean looking. The pale yellow adds just the right touch of warmth.

Night-JasmineThe day after I returned from New Zealand, I was seated at the kitchen table, writing in my journal, that is where you usually find me first thing in the morning. I looked up and suddenly noticed that our Night-Blooming Jasmine was covered in blossoms. The white against the dark green leaves was gorgeous. I grabbed my camera and took the above photo. Are you noticing a pattern here? My new appreciation for white flowers seems to have started before the morning rain highlighted the daisies.


water-on-tableI actually ran out into the rain, to take the photo of the Shasta Daisies, and on the way back in noticed this rain puddle on our glass outdoor table, so I took this photo before I ran in the house and dried off. It is still raining, as I write this. It is almost lunch time, and they tell us we will have intermittent rain until this evening. I will not complain, because in California we need the water so desperately, and it  makes me slow down a little and take notice of little Shasta Daisies and puddles.

2 thoughts on “Enjoying White Blossoms

  1. I completely enjoyed myself perusing your world shared here. Your garden is looking lush and lovely, the catapillars/butterflies are happy.
    The beauty of New Zealand revealed through your lense a pleasure to view.
    Your new coffeemaker and vintage beater, a fun zuxtapositioning of kitchen accoutrements, brought a smile to my face and somewhere I have a recipe of ginger cookies I’ll have to find and share with you. Welcome home dear Jan!

    • Thanks so very much for your lovely comment and welcome home. I look forward to seeing you, and your ginger cookie recipe.

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