The Dana Point Harbor Boat Parade

Friday night we went to the annual Dana Point Boat Parade. We hadn’t been to see it in several years, and forgot just how beautiful it is. Last year we saw the Dana Point Christmas decorations, which were fantastic, but didn’t see the boat parade. Above is oneĀ  of the many beautifully decorated boats. The night was very dark, but not too cold, so it made for a perfect outing. We did wear hats, scarves and gloves, though, which is always fun for Southern Californians.



I wanted to share a few of my photos. We’re already making plans for next year’s event, which will include hot chocolate and Christmas cookies.

2 thoughts on “The Dana Point Harbor Boat Parade

  1. I appreciate the pictures you took of the boats in the Dana Point Parade. You are getting really good photos. Especially difficult to photo colored lights, but you are getting them sharp and clear.

    About your TV–you can’t miss the last season of Downton Abbey!

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