An Artist Date


One of my favorite books is,  The Artist’s Way,  by Julia Cameron. It’s a very inspirational book about blocked creativity. In her book, Julia  tells us that the we must continually fill the well of creativity to avoid being a blocked artist. One  of the ways of doing this is with a weekly  Artist Date. Thursday is usually my best day to do this, because generally it’s a free day for me. When deciding where to take myself for the Artist Date, I choose a  place that speaks to my creativity and makes me feel happy inside. Yesterday I went to a local market to doing a little fruit and veggie shopping, but yesterday I really took time to look around and absorb the rich colors.


I took photos with my cell phone camera and tried to be discreet. I wondered if the employees might think I was from the health department inspecting their produce. I was really amazed at the rich colors, and even more so when I got home and looked at the photos I’d taken. I have included a few of them here.


necterinesChoosing the market for my Artist Date was perfect. Perhaps the next time you go to the market, you’ll slow down a little as I did and take time to look at the colors. Nature really is amazing. I wonder where my next Artist date will take me?

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