Christmas Shopping Time for Our Annika

Yesterday we took Annika to Home Depot with us and she loved riding in the cart as we did some Christmas shopping.  She also enjoyed a couple of head scratches from fellow shoppers. Here she is looking to see who might be cruising the store aisles.

Today was Annika’s day to visit the groomer. She is all pretty for Christmas. Here she is waiting to be driven home. It’s a rainy day, and even though I carried her,  she got a little wet and windblown on the way to our car. I kept the heater on so she was nice and warm during the ride home. After her grooming, her hair is shorter and she doesn’t have the benefit of a warm coat on chilly days.

Once we were home, she snuggled up in her bed with her favorite blanket. She is usually sleepy after her visit to the groomer. She doesn’t really like the pampering. She would much rather be home comfy in her bed, or sleeping in a pool of sunshine in the living room.

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