Surfing in Austin, Texas

Our son Surfing in Austin
Our son was raised in Southern California and grew up surfing. He and his wife moved to Austin, Texas several years ago. They wanted to stay near the water, so they bought a sailboat and began  sailing on beautiful Lake Travis. The photo below was taken from their boat.
When NLand surf park opened nearby, Ted took his board out of storage and was once again able to ride the waves. Yes, the top photo shows him surfing in Texas, something I thought I’d never see! I was thrilled when he sent us the photo. By the way,Ted designed and shaped the board he is riding. That’s another one of his many talents. Now he has the best of two worlds. He is able to surf and sail in a city he loves.

Another Benefit of my Stove Top Espresso Maker

On-the-stoveI purchased this stove-top espresso maker while visiting New Zealand earlier this year. I  wrote a post at that time titled, Love my stove top espresso machine.

I enjoy getting up very early every morning to write. It’s a time when I can sit quietly with a cup of coffee and my journal. This morning I thought about my espresso maker. I’d used it quite often when I first arrived home from New Zealand, but had relied on my electric coffee maker more recently. I was out of espresso grind coffee this morning,  but wondered if I could use regular grind instead. Here’s what happened.

water-in-bottomFirst I separated the lower section of the coffee maker and poured in filtered water to just below the pressure valve, which you can see slightly above the water line.

basketNext I placed the basket into the lower section and added two tablespoons of regular grind coffee, as seen below. Coffee should not touch the water.

Grounds-in-basketNext I securely reattached the lower section to the top section of the espresso maker and placed it on the stove burner. I like to use a lower temperature setting.

While the coffee heated, I poured almond milk into my bright orange coffee cup.

As the water heated in the espresso maker, I could hear it begin to hiss and gurgle as the steam forced the hot water through the ground coffee. When the hissing stopped,  the coffee was ready. I let it sit for a few seconds then poured it into the mug. It was very hot, so I was careful not to burn my fingers.

pouring-coffeeWhen I finished this process, I had a delicious cup of coffee and I’d learned that regular grind coffee works just as well as the finer espresso grind. This means I can use regular grind decaf when I want a cup of coffee later in the day. This is also less expensive than the single serving pods I usually use. It’s a little more work, but worth it. So glad I remembered to use the stove top espresso maker.