Editing a Photograph

I’m packed and ready to return to California, so I am trying out some of the edit choices in the Aviary app I have on my i-phone.  I’d taken this photo of  some lovely carnations my daughter received, and did some editing on it, as you can see. The background is black and white, and I chose to emphasize the color of the flower.

After the Storm

Cyclone Cook is over, and the weather is beautiful. Took this photo of Pilot Bay New Zealand, this morning. A few days ago when I learned a cyclone was headed our way, I did not know what to expect, and was told it is the same as a hurricane in the United States.

A Blue Hydrangea in a New Zealand Garden

This beautiful blue hydrangea is growing next to my daughter’s driveway. The Auckland, New Zealand area has had more than its share of rainfall this year. It appears that the local gardens loved it. I was curious to know why I see so many blue hydrangea flowers here. Apparently it’s  because of the acidity of the soil in  this area. When soil is more alkaline, pink flowers are produced. In our area of Southern California there is an abundance of pink blossoms, so I am really enjoying the blue.