C is for Chrysanthemum D is for Duck-Alphabet Photography Challenge

red chrysanthemum
Rubber Ducky
Yesterday I took a photo for the letter C, but never made it to my computer to post that photo. Today was day four of the photo challenge which meant the letter D. I have included two photos above, so now I am caught up. Considering I am home all day, social distancing, I seem to be very busy and the days go by quickly. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and staying in touch with friends and family. It was a gorgeous day here, so I spent a little time in the back garden. We had another visit from our wonderful friend who braved the super markets and brought us supplies. She delivers them to our front patio, and we all wear our masks and gloves, and stay far apart. We are so very grateful to her. Tomorrow is E for who know what? See you all tomorrow. Until then let’s work to stay healthy and positive.

Today’s Photography Challenge Is Something Smooth

Today’s photography challenge is to photograph something smooth. In my¬† jewellery box I found this brooch, given to me by a patient at the dental office where I worked before retiring. I’m sorry to say I can’t remember his name, but I do remember his face clearly. he had the firmest handshake of anyone I’d ever met. I know he’d once been in the navy, because he’d shared a photo of himself, in his naval uniform with me and my co-workers. He was a much older man by that time, and was learning lapidary, the art of cutting, polishing, and engraving stones. I’m taking part in this photography challenge to improve my photo taking skills, but today I was reminded of someone I haven’t thought about in years.