Why Knitting and Crocheting are Good for Your Health

Knitting-1While on vacation last weekend, I knit a new dishcloth for the trailer. I used to knit a lot, but have gotten away from it recently. I’d forgotten how nice it is to just sit and knit. I’ve often heard that knitting is good for the brain and I wondered why, so I went on line to find out. While knitting you are focused on the moment and not thinking of problems, or things that might be stressing you. Knitting puts you in a meditative like state, which decreases your heart rate and blood pressure. When knitting you are concentrating on a pattern and often learning new stitches which is a great exercise for the brain. It is also a wonderful way to exercise your hands and keep fingers limber and flexible. Being part of a  knitting group always made me feel good because I was creating something for someone else.blanket
Last July I wrote a post,The Completion of a Knitted Blanket, where I first showed the above blanket and told about the knitting group I belonged to. I’ve taken a break from knitting, but as I write this I find myself getting excited and looking forward to getting back to this very beneficial hobby. It is time for me to make time to pick up my needles and yarn. For the good of your own health, you might like to do the same. For those who don’t have access to a knitting class or know someone who can teach you, You Tube has many videos on learning how to knit and crochet, which are both equally good for you. Go ahead and give it a try. Learning something new is always a wonderful thing to do.

RVing in Hemet California

Diamond Valley Lake is one of the places we visited while spending the holiday weekend in Hemet, California, at Golden Village Palms RV Resort. Our last visit to the lake was in 2013 and this time, we could definitely see the affects of the drought. Below is the boat ramp which was in active use when we were last there. The launch ramp is unusable now because it no longer reaches the waterline.
After our visit to the lake, we stopped to look at the nearby Western Science Center.

When I hopped out of the truck to take a few photos, I spotted the sign below.
I tend to forget that we share the landscape with these California natives. So far, I’ve never met up with one, but you can bet that after seeing the sign I watched where I was stepping.
On our way back to the RV park we spotted this old adobe ruin in Tucalota Springs.
We had a wonderful weekend of relaxing and seeing a few of the sights around Hemet. The days were pleasantly warm, and the nights quite cool, which made for great sleeping. It all made for a great RVing adventure in Hemet, California.

California or Texas?

Looking at these photos I have to ask myself is this California or Texas? I’ve lived in California most of my life, and think it  is one of the most beautiful states, if not the most beautiful. This is a state of mountains, ocean, and desert. Our son and daughter-in-law moved to Austin Texas a few years ago, and recently purchased a sail boat which they sail on Lake Travis. I always thought of Texas as a state made of desert and prairie. When I traveled to Austin for the first time, I learned I was very wrong. The Austin area is quite hilly and green, with clear rivers and blue lakes.
Our son learned to sail here in California, and has now taken his love for this sport to Texas.
We are so happy that our daughter-in-law has learned to enjoy being on the water as well.
Our son enjoying the view as they return to the harbor.Texas-sunset
Can this really be Texas? This has certainly taught me not to assume anything about the other 49 states. I’m certainly looking forward to a future visit, and a day of sailing.


Our Color Filled World

Composition notebooks are my book of choice when writing morning pages. I write three pages every morning and it really helps me to prepare for the day ahead. Today I realized I was on the last pages of my last notebook, so it was time to restock. I’d been planning to go for a ride today on my can-am Spyder, and it looked like my destination was Walmart.  I found lots of colorful composition books and bought one in every color.Ribbons
From the office supply section I went to to the craft section. I loved looking at the colorful ribbons.stickies-2

While in office supply I also found the above. Remember when these only came in yellow? I had so much fun today just taking in all the colors scattered throughout the store. It was a really good reminder that one doesn’t have to spend a lot to have a really good time in our color filled world.