Post Vacation Projects

prettiest roses

Today was a day spent catching up on projects left undone while we were on vacation. I found these beautiful roses blooming in the back yard, picked them and brought them inside to enjoy.

African violet

Next I repotted and separated several african violet plants. I love african violets and was wanting to do this project for quite some time. By the end of the day my plants were already looking much perkier.Annika bath

My last big challenge was to give Annika a bath. She always knows what I am planning and makes herself scarce when she sees me with the dog shampoo and towels. Once in the tub she is fairly co-operative. Here is a photo of her taken after she was  dried off and brushed. Not quite as perfect as the groomer would do, but she looks much cleaner than at the end of our camping trip. She is sleeping at my feet as I write this, so I think she has finally forgiven me.



More of Santa Maria

fess parker pink flower I had to share another photo with you from the beautiful grounds of the Fess Parker Winery. Even if you are not into wine tasting, it is well worth a visit. We saw families eating at picnic tables set under shady trees. Dogs are also welcome when on leash.Annika at Fess Parker

You can see in this photo Annika resting on the cool outdoor tile. This is our last day in Santa Maria and tomorrow we will be on the road again.

Camping With Our Pets

This has been a very busy day. Along with getting up and running, we are leaving early tomorrow on a camping trip. Our 5th wheel trailer is out front and ready to go. I know that living in a 5th wheel for ten days is really not camping, as my mom keeps reminding us. The whole family is going. That means my husband and I, our little dog Annika and, yes, our three birds (Cossette, Moe and Echo). Our birds are great little travelers and have been going along with us for many years. Fortunately, they are small birds and do not take up a lot of space. They even travelled with us when we owned a tent trailer.

Yesterday I took the birds to Omar’s Birds in Lake Forest for a grooming and wing trim, just in case they decide to head out of the trailer door during cage cleaning. This has never happened on a trip, but my motto is better safe than sorry.

photo (9)Cossette

Annika wearing her blue scarf.

You can see that Annika is also freshly groomed and ready to travel. Her little pink bag is packed. From the moment the trailer pulls up out front, she will not let us out of her sight for fear of being left behind. She too is a great little traveler. Annika is a little rescue dog that we adopted from Bichon Fur Kids. We were very lucky to find a dog that is as happy to go camping as we are.

As I write this, I am finishing last minute peparations for our trip … gathering our food, clothing, my knitting, and watercolors. Must not forget my camera since our trip up the coast will certainly provide us with lots of great photo oppotunities.
Better get back to work. Next stop Santa Maria, California.