Adorable Baby Goats

Baby goats are so adorable. Daisy is our daughter Ruth’s goat. Ruth, our son-in-law, and grandson live on a beautiful farm in Maine. This photo was taken shortly after Daisy had her two little boys.   They’re sound asleep in their cozy bed.
Below is our grandson, Evan holding one of Daisy’s babies, just a few hours later. I was amazed to see this photo. Look at Evan’s expression. You can see he loves this little fellow.
Here is Evan playing with the babies, or are they playing with Evan?
I’m traveling to Maine this summer, and can’t wait to meet these little guys. Ruth sent these photos and continues to do so. It is amazing to see how quickly the baby goats are growing. This last photo makes me wonder. Goats or puppies? They sure are cute. Stay tuned for future updates.




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