Another Monochrome Day

Annika-black-and-whiteWhile our little dog, Annika was looking up at me, I grabbed my camera and took her picture. She wanted to go for a walk, so we did. We’d had an early morning rain, but it had stopped and the roads were dry. We walked around the RV park and I took the photo below of one of the cozy cabins available to rent. We are in our 5th wheel trailer, but maybe next time we’ll rent a cabin.Cottage-black-and-whiteAfter our walk, we went home and I had a cup of coffee. Seemed like another good subject for a monochrome.

black-and-white-coffeeTomorrow I plan to move on to the sepia setting, but this won’t be the last monochrome photos you see on Plum Bird Corner. I think I’m hooked.


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